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  • John Gaulton

Kids Told Me To "GET ON TIK TOK"!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

I am not saying I am of the era that I don't fully understand TikTok, but I have needed some major coaching from my Boys! :-)

A few of my cakes recently have been quite interactive and my eldest said:

Mum get that on TikTok it looks cool.

So with my lack of knowledge with the modern social trend in TikTok I handed the phone to my eldest to upload the videos of my Death Star, ELO and Grand Theft Auto creations.

After only 3 videos I gained over 170 followers and nearly 3000 views on my cakes. My boys were extremely jealous as they didn't even have that many after all the videos they have been creating.

So if you have TikTok here I am @jammyjamcakes.

More coming soon...


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