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In placing an order the customer is agreeing to the terms stated below.

  • Cakes may contain traces of nuts, please ask.

  • 1 months notice for large cupcake orders (50+) or large individual cake orders is ideally required, as items might need to be sourced & will be taken dependent on availability of dates etc...

  • Clients will always receive a bespoke sketch/design from JJCakes for final approval (possibly illustrated by Googled images to refer to certain decoration) before a deposit/retainer is organised.

  • Photographs can be supplied of designs you wish JJCakes to use for design inspiration, but designs will never be copied 100% as they are the design & intellectual property of other Cake Makers/Designers & JJCakes prides itself on bespoke & unique Cakes designs wherever possible. JJCakes will endeavour to follow a design for inspiration & will always provide a sketch/design for final approval.

  • We endeavour to match colour-wise from supplied photographs, however all cakes are handmade therefore colour differences may occur unless sugarpaste samples are organised & created by JJCakes for approval by the Client. These will be used to match too.

  • Cakes are ONLY booked & your 'Caking' slot reserved in the JJC Diary, when a Deposit or Full Balance is paid. An enquiry is not a confirmed order & will not have been reserved a slot in the JJC Diary.

  • A 'Rush-Order-Fee' of 20% will be applied to the Cake Quote (not delivery/setup) if an Order is required within a 3-day-turn-around. This is a specific charge that is added to an order to compensate for work that needs to be done in a very short space of time & additional labour that is incurred ie. additional purchasing of further ingredients & the sourcing of bespoke items.

  • A 'Holiday-Surcharge-Fee' of 20% will be applied to the Cake Quote (not delivery/setup) if the order is booked for a Bank Holiday.

  • JJCakes will not be available for Christmas Day/Boxing Day OR New Years Day Deliveries.

  • Any changes to pre-booked orders must be made at least 2 weeks before date of collection/delivery; these will be accommodated if possible & may incur additional charges.

  • JJCakes will ask you to confirm a flavour for the Sponge & the Buttercream (plus any fillings if required). If not specified ALL order will be base on on our original Classic flavour Vanilla Sponge + Vanilla Buttercream.

  • If an order requires any allergy needs, please specify & JJCakes will try to accommodate..

  • Most cake orders will have various ribbons etc... as decoration around the cake & this is not edible, you will be advised of this. They must be removed from your cake before it is cut/eaten.

  • Whilst most of the flowers, figures and cake toppers are handmade in sugar, some are not & you will be advised of this. They must be removed from your cake before it is cut/eaten. 

  • Tiered Cakes will have a dowling/cake board structure to ensure stability of the cake whilst being stacked & for the duration of the celebration. You will be informed of this. They must be removed from your cake before it is cut/eaten. 

  • You are responsible for ensuring that caterers/venues are aware of these facts if JJCakes is not involved in assembling the Cake onsite.



  • There is an initial consultation Fee of £15 for a 1hr design consultation appointment / £20 for a 1hr design consultation appointment + cupcake samples (4 Original Flavours...Speciality/Bespoke will incur additional charges).

  • The Fee must be paid in full on approval of agreed date/time & within 3 days of consultation to allow for the baking of samples (not inclusive of UK Public Holidays).

  • The consultation Fee is to be paid via Internet Banking OR PayPal payment ('Trusted/Friends & Family' Option so no charges are incurred on either side). 

  • Sponge/Buttercream Favour/s to be arranged prior to consultation date.

  • If you wish to cancel or want to change your consultation appointment, please let us know a minimum of 3 days prior to the date so as to stop any unnecessary baking & time.

  • The fee it will not be refunded if you do not show for an arranged consultation.

  • Once you have decided on your Cake/Cupcake design & approved the quote etc....a deposit is required to secure the date & order in the diary. A further Consultation can be arranged if you wish, as this also gives you/us the chance to discuss any further details you may want regarding the final design/s. This further 1hour consultation is then Free once deposit is received.

  • If after the initial & 2nd consultation you wish to book a further consultation/taster-session, a Fee of £15 will apply for each additional 1hr & sample box/es will be made available for a further Fee & quoted as per requirements.

  • For Cake/Cupcake quotes over £200 (NOT including Stand/Delivery & Setup charges), the initial consult Fee of either £15 or £20 will be deducted from your final cake/cupcake quote, IF you chose to use JJCakes as your Cake Maker.


  • A JJCakes Quote is valid for 3 months, as costs of ingredients & consumables change.

  • Outside the 3 months, JJCakes will need to re-quote .


  • I am committed to working on only one to two wedding cake commissions per week plus a limited amount of Celebration Cakes/Cupcakes. Therefore, ALL 'Retainer Fees' are non-refundable as the monies secure your date in the JJCakes diary. The 'Retainer Fee' provides adequate compensation for any losses incurred if the order is cancelled ie. holding your date / time taken to create or design edible print/figures etc....for your Cake or Cupcakes / items purchased in advance ie. boards / ribbons / sugarpaste / gel colours / ingredients / decoration etc....

  • A non-refundable 'Retainer Fee' of 25% for all Final Full Quotes (Consumables + Stand/Delivery & Setup charges etc...) under £100 & 50% over £100, is required on all finalised orders.

  • In addition to the 'Retainer Fee', full payment is also required for ALL special items bought in especially for an order (ie. Personal/Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers etc....). This is to be added to the 'Retainer Fee' when the quote is approved by the client, as this secures your date & allows me to work on items in advance. The full outstanding balance is due 1 week prior to the collection/delivery of the order.

  • In the unfortunate event that JJCakes can no longer provide the service for the event, a full refund will be given & alternative trusted 'Cake Maker' Business names will be supplied, ALL special items bought in especially for an order will be handed over.

  • If the 'Outstanding Balance' for your Order is not received 1 week before the collection/delivery date, a reminder will be sent. If no response/payment is made within 48hours of the reminder, I reserve the right to cancel your order & you will lose your 'Retainer Fee' that will have been used at this stage to purchase ALL ingredients & sundries in advance.

  • A 'Refundable Deposit' is required for the acrylic 'Tower' stands when ordering your cupcakes/celebration cakes, with an individual hire charge of £2.50 per tier.

  • The 'Refundable Deposit' will be refunded on the safe return of the stand (by Client as per info on Invoice) or collection by JJCakes (chargeable as per Delivery costs), if this has been arranged.



  • 'Retainer Fees' & 'Outstanding Balances' can be made via Internet Banking (Account details will be provided) OR Cash (to be dropped off at the JJC Premises).

  • At the discretion of JJC, monies can be paid via Paypal Trusted/Friends & Family Payment (I do not offer PayPal Goods & Services. If
    Monies are paid via this method you will be notified of monies to be refunded & this will have the Transaction Fee that has been incurred by JJC Accounts deducted from the refund).



  • If you have to cancel your order fully for any reason, you will lose your non-refundable 'Retainer Fee' as it is used to purchase bulk delivery items in advance (ie. SugarPaste/Coloured Gels etc...) & provides adequate compensation for any losses incurred for reserving your slot.

  • You will also lose the advance cost of any special items/cutters/personalised items bought for your order.



  • Weekday Collection times are Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm (at the discretion of JJCakes, if a time is needed outside of these it can be discussed).

  • Weekend Collection times: Sat, 9am-12pm / Sun, 10am-11am  (at the discretion of JJCakes, if a time is needed outside of these it can be discussed).

  • Arranged 'Collection Orders' can be collected from my private home business premises of JJCakes on the date & time agreed upon, details will be supplied once a Deposit OR Full Balance is paid/received.

  • IF you are going to be more than 30 minutes late for a Collection please call, otherwise JJCakes reserves the right to call/message and
    re-arrrange the time slot to a more suitable time IF this time delay impacts on the running of the 
    Business ie. It has stopped me delivering another order OR I have a client appointment/consultation pre-arranged etc...

  • Any Wedding Cake/Christening/Event/Party orders will be delivered to the chosen Venue, Mon-Sun (unless alternative arrangements have been made). Delivery & setup are chargeable and will have been arranged prior to the date.

  • A disclaimer form will need to be completed by the Venue or person collecting the order (please advise them of this), they will be advised of the correct storage & and transportation instructions, and I will retain a copy.

  • JJCakes cannot be held responsible for any interference with the completed cake/cupcake order once it has been delivered, setup and left by JJCakes at the event venue. Photographs are always taken on the completed installation. Please inform your Venue/Wedding Consultant of this and please advise them that they need to be available to go over any specifics they may need to know about the cake/cupakes ie.stand/allergens/non-edible items to be removed etc.. .

  • JJCakes will not be held responsible for any interference with the completed cake/cupcake order once it has been collected (correct transportation information will be advised). IF any problems occur with the structure of the Cake, each query will be looked into (once photographic evidence is provided) to advise on the issue.

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